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Man of war

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, 8/23/01
Picture Gallery:
Pictures of my back
Contact:   Kenneth Gerken, Key West, FL, 2/13/04 
Contact:   Elizabeth Kobe, Dominican Republic, 9/21/03
Share your story of with a man of war  encounter
What is the portugese man of war
Before you enter the ocean
The Jelly Gallery Photography by Aaron Ansarov
See you Surf Side
A Portrait of the Portuguese Man Of War  by Aaron Ansarov  Photography by Aaron Ansarov

Media Articles:
Florida woman bit by shark taken to hospital with shark still attached to her arm, 5/1/5/16 
Two teens lose limbs in Shark Attack, North Carolina Beach, 6/15/2015  Adobe PDF - Visit www.adobe.com for Adobe Reader
Diana Nyad quits Cuba-to-Florida swim due to Portuguese man of war , 9/25/2011
Stingray Kills 'Crocodile Hunter' Steve Irwin, 9/4/2006 Adobe PDF - Visit www.adobe.com for Adobe Reader
Brush with nature painful for Grand Strand visitor, 8/28/2001
South Windsor, CT Man Faces Ocean Terror, 9/8/2001
Funny man of war scene from the movie The Heartbreak Kid
National Geographic presents film, Deadly Dozen 2 "Central America"
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